Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Garkal International recognises the need for detailed, systematic and effective diversity and inclusion initiatives.

In the recruitment of lawyers and compliance professionals on behalf of our clients, we believe that preparing an organisation for diversity and inclusion is about more than the simple fulfilment of quotas. We actively seek out and engage with a diverse pool of legal and compliance ┬átalent. Our extensive network includes professionals from various backgrounds, ensuring that we present a broad range of candidates for your consideration. Recognising that each legal department, law firm or compliance department is unique, we tailor our recruitment strategies to align with your diversity and inclusion goals. Whether you’re looking to increase representation of underrepresented groups or foster an inclusive workplace culture, we work collaboratively to meet your specific needs.

Our recruitment processes are designed to be transparent and inclusive. We ensure that all candidates, regardless of their background, experience a fair and unbiased evaluation. Our commitment to equal opportunities , whatever your ethnicity, religion, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristics protected by law in the jurisdictions in which we operate is embedded in every step of the hiring journey.

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